“Life is What You Make It”, a simple motto that Stevie “Jenko” Jenkins has been living by since his college days. As a young college athlete & National Hip-Hop sensation, Stevie was always on the move. This all changed sophomore year when Stevie suffered a major knee injury. Sidelined from the lifestyle, he began to doubt the recover & return. Friends & family encouraged Stevie to use his stationary time to work more on music and push himself during physical therapy. This is when the phrase was born in Stevie’s mind. The determination to raise again and be a dominant athlete drove Stevie & elevated his music. Once back on the basketball court & in the studio, the phrase became a mantra that Stevie used for everything. The mantra even evolved into the title of one of Stevie Jenko’s biggest musical hits!


Now that Stevie is out of college, he still follows the mantra and teaches others how they can do anything they put their mind to. We are stronger than we believe and physical boundaries can be overcome with mental strength. We all have DREAMS, GOALS, & ASPIRATIONS. LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!

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